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South Sudan's Refugee Crisis

If you remember on January 30th, we wrote a blog about the rising tensions between Sudan and South Sudan over oil revenues.

This tension is exacerbating the issues that civilians in Sudan, South Sudan and the border region are experiencing. This Refugees International report, written in December 2011, chronicles the refugee crisis in South Sudan.  And this op-ed piece by Nicholas Kristoff in the Sunday Times gives a picture from this month and makes a comparison to what happened in Darfur.

And here's the upshot: Nobody's really doing anything...

This piece in Voice of America talks about the US response and this piece from the InterDependent, a little older but still fairly recent, explains one theory of why international attention isn't focused on South Kordofan and the surrounding areas.

Whatever the reasons, Darfur looms large in my thoughts.  I hope we don't see that magnitude of tragedy again.


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